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How It Works?


When it’s time to sell a scrap or unwanted vehicle most people are discouraged to attempt the task. But even then they are always having trouble with the vehicle. As its number of expensive repairs goes on increasing frequently. If the vehicle is not useful and you are still keeping, then you will have to unnecessarily pay its expensive insurance bills. So, the much better approach to this problem is getting rid of it ASAP and moving on to a better and newer vehicle. Is this possible without having to experience the troublesome activities of traditional sale process?

Of course, yes. Any novice can avoid this crucial sale process by getting in touch with the reliable “Webuycar” team. We provide old car removal and cash for car service which are less complex and highly convenient. Additionally, we facilitate free removals within the same day whether you are selling a used, scrap or broken vehicle.  With this you are also guaranteed to get the top-notch money at the moment we collect your wheels. This is 100% guaranteed by the licensed and insured team of auto wreckers in Perth.

Now if you are curious to learn how our cash for car process works when you call us, please continue reading:

Free & Instant Scrap Car Quotation

Want to know the true value of your old or scrap car within minutes? Contact your favourite team “Webuycar” today and receive a free cash estimation quickly. We would love to assist you with excellent cash for car service and vehicle removals anywhere in Perth. Please contact us by filling out the quote form given on the top right of this page or call us @ 0426 534 524, 0426 066 224.

Make sure to transmit all of the essential info associated with your vehicle. You don’t have to gather any special knowledge of this. Just give us the basic automobile details such as make, model, year, distance travelled, VIN number and condition. Along with this we will also like to know the location where your vehicle is parked in Perth. Remember to be accurate while sharing the information on your automobiles. It will be very helpful for our assessors in calculating its genuine value. As we try our best to keep the process quite straightforward and simple.

Car Valuation Process                                                          

If you wish, you can also bring your vehicle to our premises and get it assessed in person. While we can also send our friendly and skilled team to your residence or business place anywhere in Perth. We can come to your place within just half an hour and give you the instant car valuation. Whether your vehicle is in a good shape or run-down, we will still assess it fairly. As we are known to give away handsome price quotes for different variety of makes, models and brands. This helps us to provide a deal that is fair enough for us as well as the buyer.

Keep in mind that we also offer free cash quotes through our website and on the phone. This involves very little fuss and you will get a fair price within just few minutes. We have already got a huge number of customers that are 100% satisfied with our services. But you are always free to share your thoughts with us, if you want to have any specific price figures in mind.

In addition to this, we would also like to know the price figures that you get from our competitors, if any. If we find that the offer is genuine, we will be glad to match it straightaway.

Top money offers for all scrap make & model

When you begin searching for different cash for cars and auto wrecking company in Perth. You will meet many companies that particularly deal only in a few makes and models. However, we don’t keep any such terms and conditions for our customers. We happily purchase innumerable makes and models from different manufacturers. No matter whether it has a blown-out engine, broken due to excessive driving or totally wrecked in an accident. It will still remain a valuable automobile for our knowledgeable vehicle dismantlers. This clearly indicates that we will pay you a handsome remuneration for your unwanted wheels using our vast knowledge.

We buy cars – Broken, Unregistered, Accidental & Totalled

It is obviously true that selling a vehicle in bad state involves a lot of stress and difficulty. This is why most people normally procrastinate or avoid selling an automobile that is not-reparable or wrecked down. Moreover, it is not possible to sell an old automobile through private methods in case if it is damaged in any form. The reason behind this is clearly acceptable as no person would love to shell out money for a highly damaged automobile.

Luckily, you don’t need to worry much about the condition of your automobile when you decide to hire us. It’s because we are certified and insured car buyers who love to purchase automobiles in any condition. Whether you are ready to sell a vehicle damaged in a road accident or a natural calamity. We will conveniently tow it to our salvage yard for free. Then, our auto wrecking and recycling experts will take off every usable component and non-useful materials from your automobile. Beside this they will also extract the steel and metals that can be utilized as recycled scrap.

Junk Car Pickup Perth Wide

We have specifically designed our removal services for the convenience of our customers. No matter what variety of unwanted vehicle you have in terms of its make, model and brand. You can sell us it to us with no restriction. After determining its true condition, our appraisers will give highest money on the spot. This is free from any deduction in the form of removal fees, hidden costs or admin charges. To do so, we try our best to support the government of Australia in regulating the amount of hazardous emissions in the environment.

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We pay up to $5’999 cash for your car

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