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Are you driving your native car brand Holden for too long and now wanting to get an upgrade to the latest model? As a leading and local Holden car buyer Perth @ WeBuyCar, we are more than happy to help you to get the best price for your Holden. Our process is designed as easy, quick and totally hassle-free.

Easy Process of Selling Your Holden Car

The process of selling an old, unwanted, or permanently broken down Holden should be as easy as it possibly can be. Unfortunately, it is only simple if you live in Perth, Western Australia and you are able to sell your Holden to us here at WeBuyCar, Perth’s number one Cash for Car Service.

You could, of course, try to sell your Holden privately. Enjoy waiting weeks for someone to respond to the advert that you put up online. And don’t forget the negotiating process, in which the prospective buyer will try to pay you even less for your Holden than it is worth.

Got a Holden for sale? You will be much better off to simply get in touch with us by ringing at 0426 534 524 or by filling out the quote request form on our website. Using this method, you will be able to sell your Holden within the space of one day, with no stress or hassle involved.

Top Cash for Holden Quotes

If you would like to get the ball rolling, why not drop us a line and request a free quote? You can also get one by filling out the request form on our website. When you get in touch with us we will just want to get some very basic info on your Holden. This includes the model of Holden it is, what its age is, and what kind of condition it is in.

If you can give us these pieces of information, we can then use it to formulate an extremely generous, fair and accurate appraisal of your car and make an offer for it. This will come in the form of a free quote. There are no obligations to accept it. Holden’s that are in good enough condition can get bought for up to $15’000 by us. Contact us today and Get a free quote.

Sell Your Holden vehicle in Any Condition

Some Perth Car Buyers might be concerned about the condition of the vehicles but we don’t. We don’t discriminate the vehicle with the looks, rather, we are more concerned about the inner beauty. We buy:

  • Unwanted Cars;
  • Old Cars;
  • Old Trucks;
  • Broken Vans;
  • Damaged 4WDs;
  • Wrecked Cars;
  • Engine Damaged Cars;
  • Flood Damaged Cars;
  • Scrap or Junk cars;
  • Fire Damaged Cars;
  • Used or good condition vehicles;
  • Accident or totalled vehicles.

We Buy Holden Cars, 4×4 Trucks, Utes of All Models

In the past, people had to make do with cash for cars companies that specialised in a few select brands and a few select corresponding models. Here eat WeBuyCar things are completely different. We have decided to try something new so that everyone can have access to our exceptional talents and skills. Instead of only buying a specific model, we buy them all. This includes:

  • Holden Colorado;
  • Sunbird;
  • Belmont;
  • Astra;
  • Berlina;
  • Premier;
  • Captive;
  • Viva;
  • Suburban;
  • Epica;
  • Pontiac GTO;
  • Monaro;
  • Commodore;
  • Brougham;
  • FJ;
  • Gemini;
  • Torana;
  • Special;
  • Caprice;
  • Frontera;
  • Adventra;
  • Camira;
  • Ute;
  • Coupe 60;
  • Nova.

How’s the Sound of Free Pick Up? [Free Holden Removal]

We buy scrap cars, so the condition of a vehicle that is offered to us won’t cause it to be rejected. Junk cars are already in bad shape, so if you have a junk Holden, don’t be shy. Sell it to us. Our Holden Wreckers will not only buy it off you, we will also come over and use our removal equipment to take it all the way back to our salvage yard. There will be no charge for this service, neither up front or hidden. Read more about our free car removal service.

Local Buyer of Holden Used Cars Perth

So, if you have an old junk Holden littering your driveway or garage, contact your local Holden car buyer Perth @ WeBuyCar and get top cash!



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