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There are a few different ways to get around the city, as far as transport is concerned. For a start, you can walk if you want. There is also the bike option, along with taxis, skateboards, and so forth. This article will be discussing the pros and cons of driving cars and using public transport.

Driving a Car

When you want to be somewhere on time, and you want to have maximum control over your ability to achieve this, the car is often the most attractive option. It serves as the most convenient method for travel. You don’t have to bow down to any time-tables, you can choose what route you go, which can allow you to avoid traffic.

Of course, all of this convenience comes at a price. Cars are notoriously expensive to buy, let alone operate. You need to spend large amounts of money to simply have it maintained on a regular basis. Then there are the petrol costs, insurance costs, and the loan repayments if your car was expensive and you needed to get a loan to buy it.

However, being able to drive can have an influence on the type of job you have. If you have a car, you may also have a job that makes it easier to maintain and drive it. So it can all work out in the end. Just be sure to wash the car regularly.

Using Public Transport

Public transport isn’t only for people who don’t have cars. In larger cities, some people will drive their car to the public transport centre and take the bus from there to their work. This is due to the bus having its own lane and taking a faster amount of time to travel as a result.

They may also be thinking about the well-being of the environment. One bus with forty people on it will be emitting less pollution than forty people each driving their own car.

A lot of people who are taking public transport, however, are taking it because they don’t own a car and they have a fair distance to travel, ruling out walking or using a bike.

The cons of using public transport revolve around being at the mercy of the system’s time-tables. This becomes complicated when a person requires the services of a few different buses to cover a larger distance.

If there is a large amount of traffic slowing the bus down, you can’t tell the bus driver to take a better route with less traffic. The bus driver needs to stick to the one they are travelling because that is where the bus-stops are.

What Other Options are there?

Some people choose to carpool, which cuts down on overall emissions as well as travel costs. If the distance you need to travel isn’t too long, a bike may be the best bet, as they cost nothing to run and aren’t very expensive to buy. Biking is also very good as far as health is concerned.


WRITTEN BY Shaun Hussaini | October 3, 2018 | CATEGORY(S): General

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